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Check out my work, and maybe even buy some if you like! More artsy stuff to come soon. Like a book, probably.

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I Set Up Shop

So I heard that Society6 was a great place for artists to sell their stuff and I thought, hey, why not? So, to that end, some of my art, like the photo featured in this entry, is for sale at the following link:

If you like it, you can buy it (‘it’ being any of them-one has a pillow case and a laptop cover, and the other a laptop cover, but one is only the print) or tell your friends! There should be more coming soon, so if you want to keep tabs on what’s available, bookmark it!

(Yes, my username is The Great Catsby.)

And most of all, thanks for visiting!

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Re-blogged: Observations From Move-In Day

You should follow my friend’s blog, because he’s awesome, and funny, and everyone needs a bit of humor in their lives. You’ll especially enjoy his posts if you’re human, and alive, though probably also if you’re neither of those things.

A Dog In A Man's Suit

Or,  Move-In Day Is A Blight

It’s hot. You’re tired. Your mom and dad are yelling at you, each other, and anything that moves. All your belongings are spilling out onto the hot pavement in front of you. Millions of faceless people rush by you, unwilling to help and willing to trample you if you dare to impede them. You only have 40 minutes before something terrible happens. A man with a clipboard is shouting indecipherable things with a terrifying ferocity, but you’re too stunned to take note of what he’s saying.

Are you having a fever dream? Is it Black Friday at Target? Are you fleeing a war-torn country? Nope, it’s worse; it’s move-in day to your college dorm. Yes, move-in day is a grueling affair that, according to observable time, will take you about an hour maximum, but will feel like a daylong slog. In fact, most theologians…

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Birthday Time!

Today is my birthday! Today I stop being a teenager and become 20. I go out into the real world and do stuff and things that actually matter instead of the normal nonsense I spend my days doing. From this day forward…I’m an adult.

There’s something different about being 20. It’s different than 19. I can’t use ‘angsty teen’ as an excuse no matter how much I want to. And I’m starting to celebrate my birthday differently, too.

For the past 19 years I’ve celebrated  my birthday in New York, with family and old friends. This year I decided to do something different. I stayed in North Carolina, where my friends are now, and saw my family a week earlier. So now I celebrate my birthday far from home. I suppose in years to come there will be a time when I don’t celebrate my birthday with my family at all.

That’s the deep stuff. On the most important note, cake:

I took a picture of this cake. Not my cake. But we'll pretend it's mine.

Do you want that cake? Because I want it.

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Hi there! If you’re visiting this blog you’re probably lost, my friend, or bored. Either way, I hope you enjoy what you find. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a college student trying to do things that might one day lead to me not being homeless on the streets because of my unintelligent career path choices. Those choices include studying Media Production, studying Creative Writing, and studying screenwriting, while being a photographer for the student paper on the side, and working at a performing arts center as an usher. None of these things will ever make me a lot of money unless I get really good at one of them, and even then, only if I got noticed.

I need to write a lot more than I am, so I’m going to start writing this blog in order to have a forum other than unwilling friends’ ears to express myself. I mean, anyone visiting this blog has the opportunity to not look and see what I’ve posted. That’s how blogs work, right?

There will be more posts to come. I can’t promise that they’ll be better, but they will be there.

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